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You are one of the ravagers of the North, the reavers and plunderers who go to war in the name of Odin and Thor. You fight alongside Beowulf for the honor of Heorot or at the back of Ragnar Lothbrok to spread the influence of Norse culture against the onslaught of the hordes from the Church of Rome. As a member of a culture defined by its deep sense of honor and ethics, you pay your debts, offer hospitality to those who need it, and drink deeply from the tears of your enemies. Historical Clothing Realm offers a line of authentic and fantasy-themed Viking costumes to make sure everyone knows you and your berserker legions are on the hunt.

Our costume and armor pieces are all created with expert craftsmanship and the best quality materials for stunning presentation and sturdy wear. If you have any questions about our shop by theme Viking line, give us a call at 1-800-929-7035.