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Viking Themed Armor And Helmets

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Whether your Viking costume is 100% historically accurate, fantasy-based fearsome or more along the lines of Hagar the Horrible, our line of Viking armor and helmets can keep you strong and able to terrorize your foes in berserker fury. The Norse may not have actually worn horned helmets, but the image is forever associated with that of the fearsome northern reaver, and we offer several variations on this fantasy warrior trope. If historical accuracy is more your thing, we have helmets from Sutton Hoo, Celtic and Norman-themed designs, and helmets based after the Crusaders and other armies of Rome. We also offer a line of shields featuring dragon and Scottish designs as well as a shield blank that you can decorate as you please!

Whatever image you want to project, our complete line of authentic, high-quality Viking armor and helmets is sure to inspire awe and terror wherever you go. Give us a call for answers to any Viking costume-related questions at 1-800-929-7035.