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Steampunk Clothing, Costumes, Footwear and More

Steampunk is here to stay! There’s something about the aesthetic of mixing Victorian elegance with brass-and-copper, buckles-and-laces chic. Who doesn’t want to look classic and futuristic all at the same time? One of the greatest things about Steampunk is that it fits in with just about any environment: renaissance, medieval, fantasy or science fiction are all fair game for the Steampunk fashion sense. Blasters and goggles and vests, canes and fierce-looking boots and fob watches…the entire range of killer steampunk fashion is available at Historical Clothing Realm. Choose from our lines of men’s or women’s costumes, footwear, hats, goggles and gloves and piece together your ultimate Victorian romance and science fiction getup.

Like all of our costumes, our line of Victorian gear is high quality and of sturdy construction for many years of fun and exciting mix-and-match wear. If you have any questions about our Steampunk costumes, give us a call at 1-800-929-7035.