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Roman Shields

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The shield is one of the oldest and most honored types of battle protection there are, and the Romans developed a number of important advances in the technology. Pick up one of Historical Clothing Realms extensive line of shop-by-theme Roman shields. Enemies of Caesar used spears and arrows to assault the legions, and the Scutum shield allowed troops to interlock in phalanx formations that were unbreakable wedges. Together, these units plowed through enemy ranks and devastated their foes. Add any one of our broad range of Scutum shields and suit up as one of Romes feared legionnaires, or add a cavalry shield or buckler to your ensemble to identify yourself as a different, but equally deadly, form of Roman warrior.

Whether you stride the battlefields covered in your enemys gore, sit nobly atop a cavalry steed, or take the grounds of the arenas as a gladiator, we have the perfect high-quality shield for your Roman gear. For answers to questions, call us at 1-800-929-7035.