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Roman Costumes & Accessories

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All roads lead to Rome! Senators, patrons, business owners, gladiators and legionnaires stride the cobblestone paths of the greatest city of the ancient world. Clothing makes the person, so they say, and Historical Clothing Realm offers a complete range of Roman costumes and accessories for your shop by theme needs. Whether you don a gladiator tunic to take on lions in the arena, the tunic of a Roman citizen or the leather subarmalis and belt of a legionary, other citizens will notice you. From belts to sandals to tunics, the basis of your Roman costuming begins here with options for all budgets, from a basic tunic to a heavy woolen make.

We even offer accessories to dress up your costume and cover different eras of the thousand-year-plus empire. Mix and match to create costumes of different periods of Roman dominance. If you have any questions about Roman costuming needs, give us a call at 1-800-929-7035.