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Renaissance Women's Costumes And Clothing

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One of the advantages of being a woman at a renaissance festival is the expansive options you have for outfitting yourself. Simply by mixing and matching the right chemise, undergarments and gowns you can create a stunning array of styles and looks. Historical Clothing Realm is ready to help in that area with a broad variety of renaissance women’s clothing and accessories for all of your shop by theme needs. From floor-length petticoats to high-collared Elizabethan blouses and a range of chemises for any culture from Italy to Ireland, we have you covered. Add to these our fancy Scarlet Dream Dress, Celtic maiden’s gown or even a Renaissance-themed wedding gown and veil, and you can turn heads and elicit sighs of admiration for any event you attend. For those swashbuckling ladies out there, try a Port Royale or swordsman’s shirt to let your renegade spirit fly.