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Renaissance Helmets, Greaves, & Vambraces

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Gear up for battle! The Knights Templar are calling you to defend the realm from heathen foes and defend travelers and pilgrims throughout the land. No suit of armor is complete without a proper set of greaves and bracers and the right helmet to set it all off. Not only does Historical Clothing Realm feature a broad range of helmets, greaves and bracers for all of your ancient world, medieval and renaissance needs, we offer high quality and durable quilted arming caps as well. Donning one of these pieces will add the padding and comfort you need to wear that helm all day long without chafing or discomfort.

When the time comes for you to strap on your armor, make sure that you go with one of our top-quality, expertly crafted options and not only will you look fantastic, you will be protected for years to come. Drop us a line at 1-800-929-7035 for more information and answers to all your questions.