Winter Sale 2018 at Historical Clothing Realm

Pirate Clothing, Costumes, and Accessories

Arr! Shiver me timbers, ye scurvy dogs! Secure that rigging and stand yer ground! The Royal Navys upon us! Pirates are the most colorful part of medieval renaissance characters and a perennial hit at local renfaires. Whether singing a salty pirate shanty, walking the plank or preying upon ships of the line for booty, Historical Clothing Realm has a complete line of pirate costumes and accessories for men and women. When your dagger sinks into the sails and you swing from the crows nest crying a warning to your captain, you will look as dashing as you buckle your swashes.

So don your cutlass and tri-corn, throw on your captains coat, upend your rum and engage in all the feats of derring-do you can manage. There are treasures to be found and ships to be taken. Prepare to board! If you have any questions about our line of pirate costumes and accessories, give us a call at 1-800-929-7035.