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Pirate Women's Costumes And Accessories

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The old superstition that women on boats are bad luck did not always apply to pirate ships. Some of the most famous swashbucklers in history were warrior women, full of bravado and derring-do. Historical Clothing Realm has our women customers covered when they embrace the freedom of the Seven Seas and the danger of buccaneer life. Whether your inspiration is Anne Bonney or Mary Read, we have pirate gear that will have you looking great, turning heads and intimidating your foes all at once. Mix and match from pirate coats, vests, belts and shirts, and add a pair of sexy stretch velour pants to help when you have to rely upon your feminine wiles to capture the heart of that roguish pirate captain.

Mix and match with our men’s costumes to add a real sense of individualism and grace. Suit up and command the high seas alongside your own Captain Calico Jack! For answers to any questions you may have, drop us a line at 1-800-929-7035 and we scurvy dogs will do our best to help!