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Medieval Full Size Replica Shields

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When you fight hand-to-hand or charge a rampart littered with archers, only a proper shield can give you the ultimate protection against your enemy’s arms. At Historical Clothing Realm, we are pleased to be able to offer a complete line of shop-by-theme medieval shields to suit just about any renaissance garb or medieval ensemble you want to assemble. For those Celts, Visigoths and barbarians out there, bucklers provide light and nimble protection from axes and short swords. For the Crusaders out there, a line of metal and wooden shields in varying sizes and designs are available. For those who prefer to emboss their own guard with a specialized standard, we offer small and large blank shields that you can finish and paint on your own!

No matter what your budget or costume, our line of shields will ensure that when the arrows fly and the axes fall, you are able to stand firm and counter your enemy’s greatest blows. For more information, call 1-800-929-7035 today.