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Men's Medieval Pants and Other Clothing

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The old saying The clothes make the man is never truer than with renaissance garb. Historical Clothing Realm has a full line of pants, breeches, jackets and more to complete your shop by theme medieval costume in style. Whether a serene and wise medieval monk robe, a set of period tights, a pair of archer Locksley pants or basic drawstring breeches are your style, we can offer what you need. Accessories like the padded coif help to add a degree of comfort under your great helm and our Nottingham Jacket gives you the look of the well-dressed noble scoundrel youve always wanted to be. Best of all, the majority of our pants and tights not only look great and are exceedingly well-made, they are budget-friendly for those on tight funds!

Whether youre climbing trees in Sherwood or climbing the rigging on a pirate galleon, these pants, tights and other clothing pieces will add just the right touch of authenticity to your outfit. Give us a call today at 1-800-929-7035 if you have any questions.