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Medieval Footwear, Belts, And Gloves

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Whether you are a rogue archer, hiding in the forests from a debauched sheriff, a kindly princess out to survey the contentment of her subjects, a noble warrior slogging through swamps to root out the forces of darkness or a native barbarian struggling against the encroaching legions of the Eastern Empire, you’ll want just the right footwear for the job. Historical Clothing Realm’s complete line of medieval footwear ensures that whatever costume or medieval ensemble you are assembling, you’ll have the perfect shoes to complement your outfit. We offer a broad variety of moccasin boots in many styles and colors, Lady Jane shoes to go with our most elegant dresses and mid-calf leather boots to complement our heartiest suits of armor. Be as proud of your boots as you are of your armor or corset. Don one of our sets of footwear today!