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Medieval Chainmail Armor

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No medieval knight’s outfit is complete without the proper suit of armor underneath. When the dragon’s breath fills the air, the blades of orc assassins come down and the arrows of enemy kingdoms blacken the sky with edged doom, a proper suit of chainmail can be the difference between defiance and death! Don’t let your costume go without a suit of protection. Whether you just seek leggings, a coif and half- or full-sleeve accents to give the illusion of a full suit, or you wish to go all in with a full-length chainmail and hood combination, Historical Clothing Realm has all of the options to suit your needs.

Best of all, whether it’s heavy steel or lightweight aluminum, all of our armor is made of the highest quality materials and priced for affordability. You will be able to command respect wearing your suit of chainmail armor from our line with pride for many years to come. Drop us a line at 1-800-929-7035 for answers to any questions you may have.