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Greek Themed Armor, Greaves, Breastplates, And More

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It’s time to gear up! The leviathan is attacking; the Minotaur stalks the avenues of the Labyrinth. Cassiopeia must be rescued, and only the head of Medusa can accomplish the task. For the love of Helen, Greek armies assault the walls of Troy, while Jason and his Argonauts quest for the Golden Fleece. The world of ancient Greece was fraught with war and peril, and any warrior worth his salt needs a strong suit of armor to defend against danger.

Historical Clothing Realm offers a complete line of Greek-themed armor for any budget or need. Whether it’s a basic leather muscle armor or a full suit of Greek royal armor, we have exactly the protection you need. Don your breastplate, bracers and greaves, lace up your sandals, put on your helm and be the most stylish warrior on the battlefield. When you put on our gear, you can be proud of your presentation.