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LARP events and renaissance faires are a haven for fantasy tropes; who doesn’t love to forget the doldrums of everyday life and dress up like an elf, dwarf, faerie or orc? If you want to make an impact among the knights, princesses and pirates of your local festival, why not dress like a hulking barbarian, ranger of the wilds or elf sorcerer and really turn some heads? Historical Clothing Realm features a wide range of options for fantasy costuming, from mail and plate armor, helmets, greaves and vambraces to stylish pants, shirts and tunics, to elaborate robes, capes and coats.

Whatever the theme of your fantasy costuming idea, we have just the high-quality outfit for you. Our costumes are well made and will not only be conversation pieces but will last for years of tough wear and battles against the forces of darkness. Feel free to drop us a call at 1-800-929-7035 for answers to any questions you might have or for more information on our line of fantasy costuming.