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The best way to announce your presence as a fantasy warrior, black knight or undead scourge is to outfit your costume with a slick suit of fantasy armor. Dark knights or elite warriors will fall in love with our Black Ice complete armor set, while death knights and undead legions will fall in line for our ConQuest undead complete armor set. The sharp points and brutal lines of our Ork armor, complete with rust patina, are ideal for outfitting those orc and goblin berserkers. When you put together your shop by theme fantasy costuming, these outfits will certainly get you noticed. Beware, though—noble knights may line up to challenge you in their quest to defend the peasants at the faire from your brash tyranny!

Our line of fantasy armor sets are made from the highest quality materials and will not only look great, but will hold up for many long years of wear at festivals and LARPs alike. For answers to any of your armor-related questions, call us at 1-800-929-7035.