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Fantasy Helmets, Greaves, And Vambraces

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Turn any suit of mail or armor into a stunning fantasy ensemble by swapping out any of our impressive helmets, greaves and vambraces. At Historical Clothing Realm we firmly believe in the idea that a few choice alterations in a costume can present an entirely new impact to your ensemble, garb or gear. Whether trodding the cobblestone roads of the local renaissance festival or taking the battlefield at a local LARP or medieval re-enactment, fantasy-themed costumes that are also practical and high-quality are a great way to ensure that your character is featured in songs of the realm for years to come.

From noble kings to undead commanders, to barbarian warriors or skull knights, our armor pieces can evoke orkish legions or slayers of dragons. Choose your finish and patina, from blackened steel to rust or copper and mix and match to give a look to your outfit that is 100% unique to you. Give us a call at 1-800-929-7035 for more information.