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Fantasy Capes, Robes, & Coats

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Not every LARPer or renaissance festival attendee wants to be a fully armed and armored warrior. There are many other options to impress your compatriots on the fields and roads. At Historical Clothing Realm we offer a line of fantasy capes, robes and cloaks for every style and shop by theme costuming need. You may want to evoke the style of an arrogant noble by donning our Ashaman coat or Rand alThors red coat, reminiscent of the Wheel of Time series. Perhaps you want to set the stage as an arctic sorceress by putting on our Snow Queen faux fur cape. A clockwork open coat can mark you as an alchemist or engineer, and the Jon Snow Nights Watch cape will allow you to stand on the wall, holding back the undead legions as winter approaches.

Whatever option you choose, our costumes are high quality and sturdy to turn heads and evoke conversation for a long time to come. Drop us a line at 1-800-929-7035 for more information.