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Crusades Themed Clothing, Costumes, Armor, Shields, and Helmets

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Brush off your tunic, don your helm and mail and wield your sword and shield against the Saracen legions as you strive to take back the Holy Land! If you are looking to put together a picture perfect crusader outfit for a festival, party or re-enactment society event, Historical Clothing Realm can help you put together just the right ensemble. From tunics, capes and sword belts to full suits of mail armor and matching helms, bracers and greaves to swords and shields, your costume will make you indistinguishable from the genuine article and people will wonder if you just stepped off the pages of a medieval wood cutting! No matter what your budget, from beginner costumers to advanced “rennies,” you will find what you need in our Crusades theme shopping.

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