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Crusades And Knight Themed Shields

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As you suit up to present yourself as a paragon of chivalry and nobility, you will want a shield to complete your protective gear. When the sky darkens with the arrows of your enemies, the right shield will provide a desperately needed umbrella of defense to keep you alive while you charge the fortified walls of the Saracen armies.

Whether your ren faire or medieval re-enactment character is a member of Richard the Lionheart’s legions, a serene Hospitaller or one of the bold and brash Knights Templar, we have a shield to match your outfit. From basic cross-ornamented shields to elaborate noble standards, these protective plates will announce your allegiance to all. We have options available at varying weights and costs to fit all of your Crusading requirements. What are you waiting for? Gear up and Crusade for the Holy Land today!