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Crusades Themed Chainmail Armor

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If a proper tunic and cloak marks you as a noble holy warrior on a divine quest to retake the Holy Land from the Saracen armies, a strong suit of mail is the earthly protection you need to make sure you get home alive! At Historical Clothing Realm, we offer a line of mail armor pieces to not only defend against those vicious blades, but to lend a sense of stunning authenticity to your outfit. From realistic-looking faux mail to genuine links of steel, we can cover you no matter what your budget may be and ensure that as you walk the trails of the kingdom, your renaissance faire gear or medieval re-enactment ensemble will garner you the respect and admiration you deserve.

By finishing your outfit with a proper suit of mail, not only will you add a touch of realism, you will ensure that your costume turns heads and becomes a true conversation piece! If you have any questions about our line of Crusades mail armor, give us a call today at 1-800-929-7035.