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Crusades Themed Helmets, Greaves & Vambraces

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Once you have assembled the basics of your costume with a robe, tunic, cape and suit of mail, you want to make sure that you are truly ready for battle. The next stop is to add a sleek helmet, greave and vambraces set. Historical Clothing Realm’s line of Crusades-themed armor pieces fit just this need. Choose from a full line of protective pieces to complete your protective gear. Our finishing pieces range from budget-conscious leather entries to high-end, gleaming steel armor pieces whose brilliance will blind your enemies.

Whatever set of gear you chose, you can count on your arms, legs and head being protected from Saracen blades while turning heads at the local renaissance faire grounds as you trod the streets with your noble head high and shoulders back. With these pieces, everyone will want to know where you acquired your costume!

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