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Crusades Themed Clothing And Accessories

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As knightly orders swept across Europe to the Holy Land in Jerusalem, their robes, tunics and regalia marked them as Crusaders on a Church-mandated holy war to eject the Saracen legions from the lands of Israel. Now you can join these hardened warriors in their divine quest by taking advantage of Historical Clothing Realm’s line of Crusades-themed clothing and accessories.

Whether you join the legions of the Hospitallers, the Templars, the Teutonic warriors or stand as a noble Baron leading his armies eastward, we have the outfit for you. From basic gambesons, tunics and capes to high-end wool cloaks, our line can cover any budget with a sense of authenticity and historic realism. You will look like you stepped out of the pages of a medieval history book when you don these outfits, and the Eastern legions will cower in fear!

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