Summer Sale 2018 at Historical Clothing Realm

American Civil War Hats, Costumes, and More

When you stride the hill with your regiment at a re-enactment of the Battle of Appomattox, you want to be as historically accurate as possible. With Historical Clothing realms American Civil War theme, you can stand tall knowing that you have accessorized your uniform with perfection and attention to detail. From Caps and Hats to rank pins and weaponry like rifles, pistols, swords and knives, we have you covered. Every one of our replica costume pieces and accessories is designed with immaculate attention to detail so that you represent the Blues and Grays with pride and believability.

Accent your costume with the right hat and pin for your rank. If youre an officer, hang the right sword from your belt. Carry a non-firing replica Colt Navy or 1860 Enfield Musketoon at your hip or slung over your shoulder, and be a proud member of the men and women who fought for their state in this war. If you have any questions about our line of American Civil War pieces, call us today at 1-800-929-7035.