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American Civil War Caps and Hats

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A uniform is not complete without the proper regalia to announce rank and realism when you attend your favorite local re-enactment group events. At Historical Clothing Realm we offer a complete line of hats, caps and costume accessories to set off your uniform and show that you pay attention to detail and historical accuracy. From enlisted kepi to officers slouch hats in both blue and grey designs, we have the hat to show off your rank.

We also offer holsters for your Colt pistols and a broad variety of insignia pins and patches to attach you to the proper regiment and status for your re-enactment rank and character. Whether you are a member of a CSA artillery unit or a U.S. sharpshooter, weve got you covered. We even have cap boxes to carry your spare ammo and authentic cavalry bugles to sound the charge over the hill!

For information or answers to any questions about our Civil War caps, hats and accessories, give us a call today at 1-800-929-7035.