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SCA Battle Shields

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Historical Clothing Realm offers a wide selection of Medieval and Renaissance shields. Our Medieval and Renaissance SCA Battle shields are top quality and are fully functional. Most of our shields will accommodate a left or right handed person and are hand painted with various Medieval, Renaissance and Fantasy designs as well as plain shields that you can paint yourself.

Shields are probably the earliest means of defense on the battlefield. Shields have been made out of wood, leather, turtle shells, metals and wickerwork. They come in a variety of shapes such as round, elliptical and rectangular forms. We have a variety of fully functional medieval style shields. We also carry decorative items, so you can decorate your home, office or den with a medieval style. Our wooden shields are great for LARP events or home decor. Wooden shields will not rust and they are lighter than its steel counterpart. Historical Clothing Realm carries shields from all kinds of cultures during the medieval times from Viking, Roman and Crusader styles to Greek shields and Templar shields. All of our medieval shields are at the lowest prices on the internet and are made with the best quality materials from around the world.