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Every renaissance faire enthusiast looks forward to the day they introduce their kids to the wonderful world of knights and princesses, nobility, royals and peasant workers. The renaissance festival is a magical world where we can escape into the fantasy of romance and chivalry of days gone by. The last thing you want is to take shortcuts on your child’s first costume. At Historical Clothing Realm, we have a complete line of outfits and gear for boys and girls. No matter whether your child wants to be a princess, knight, pirate, musketeer or archer, we can help.

From basic breeches-shirt-cape combos to knightly tunics and musketeer tabards or even wizard robes, your boy will stand tall and stand out at the faire. Girls can choose a simple Celtic dress or a royal purple skirt and bodice combination, or, of course, from any of the boys line as well, for those young ladies wanting to emulate Joan of Arc.

Whatever your child’s wishes and whatever your budget, we can give them an outfit of which they can be proud. For answers to any questions you might have, give us a call at 1-800-929-7035.