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Medieval Capes & Cloaks

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Historical Clothing Realm has full line of Medieval and Fantasy styled cloaks, robes, and capes. Our Medieval cloaks and capes are the perfect piece of garb during winter; they will keep you plenty warm while still providing the period look.

Full length cloaks or capes have been in fashion since time began, doubling as a night blanket since early times. Not only the Romans and the Scots used a large piece of fabric in a damp cold Britain to protect themselves from the elements, but also the Arabs of the Middle East, who needed to brave the chill night desert.

These cloaks and capes are made of heavy weight materials and some have hoods. Our capes and cloaks are suitable for most periods and characters. Historical Clothing Realm carries Crusader cloaks, hooded cloaks, Hospitaller capes, monks robes and Templar cloaks just to name a few.