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Medieval Belts, Frogs & Sashes

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Belts have historically been a decorative as well as utilitarian part of fashion. Dating all the way back to the Bronze Age, both sexes used them depending on the current fashion. Many during the Medieval Period served as a line to attach a holster or frog for daggers and swords. Some had holsters added to them for tools such as an axe. As time progressed, many belts became a fashion statement.

We provide a wide variety of belts, baldrics and frogs. The preference on length, color or type is easily satisfied. From a Medieval Knight, a Roman Soldier or a Pirate Swashbuckler, our collection makes for a simple choice. All are made of high quality leather or metallic rayon depending on which type you choose. These belts, baldrics and frogs will add just the touch you need to top off a perfect flash for all your costuming needs.