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Roman style helmets are some of the most well-known and popular helmets around. They are known for the cheek plates, visor and plume. Not all Roman Helmets featured plumes, it is believed that Generals or Centurions were the only ones to wear helmets with Plumes and soldiers wore helmets without plumes. The Plumes are generally made from horsehair and are dyed red and go either side to side or front to back in direction. Our Roman Helmets are fully functional and full size and they are great for re-enacting or SCA combat.

It has been said that the gladiator helmet was a Roman legionnaire's lifesaver when it came to heavy axe blows from German barbarians during the early years of the Roman empirical conquest. The legendary Centurion and Roman gladiator helmets from Historical Clothing Realm are designed to be authentic and historically accurate replicas of the originals that they represent. Each item is fully wearable for battle reenactments or can be put on display. With our selection of Roman helmets, you're sure to find the helmet you're looking for to complete your medieval costume or display collection.