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The Greek helmet is a classic ancient piece of armor. Greek helmets are amongst the most popular during the 6th to 8th centuries. The Greek helmet originated in Ancient Greece. They’re very similar to the Roman Soldier helmet and the Spanish Conquistador helmet.

We have a vast selection of Greek Helmets including Spartan helmets, Greek Corinthian helmets, and Troy helmets. These helmets are perfect to wear as an authentic looking costume. They also make great gifts for any Medieval or Roman collector.

Developed during the 7th century BC, they were used during the rapid expansion and invasion of Greece, which went on for over 500 years. Greek helmets are created with two distinct parts of metal while other designs, such as the Spartan helmet, was made from one piece of metal. However, throughout the years, these helmets were modified and upgraded to be more effective in the battlefield. Historical Clothing Realm is proud to present some of the more popular Greek helmets for the avid collectors and enthusiasts of LARP games.