Spring Sale 2017 at Historical Clothing Realm

Dresses and Gowns

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Here at Historical Clothing Realm we pay close attention to historical authenticity and detail in our exquisite line of dresses and gowns. Even the simple designs for the maiden and peasant feature brass grommets and re-enforced boning. Gowns include bonuses such as artificial pearls, hand sewn beads, lace and jeweled accents, all enriching our beautiful rich velvet and brocade fabrics.

Our featured gowns and dresses are all made with the highest quality materials, with special attention paid to the details and embellishments of each individual costume. Every gown and every dress is tailored to genuinely mimic its classical counterpart. Using authentic patterns and materials, we are able to recreate the vintage wardrobes of the past.

Immerse yourself is timeless elegance of the Middle Ages with Renaissance and Medieval style attire. Our varied styles, sizes, and simple to read size charts make it easy to find just what you are looking for.