Our selection of medieval swords covers a wide array of different needs and interests. Whether you’re in the market for a one handed sword, hand and half sword or a two handed sword, Historical Clothing Realm has what you’re looking for.

In addition to our Samurai and Medieval lines, Historical Clothing Realm also offers a number of different style swords and accessories, offering the best choices at affordable prices.

Our Roman swords feature precision detail and authentic design that are great for role playing and costume parties.

The battle ready sword is a favorite amongst collectors and re-enactors as they are built for use and designed to make these swords some of the most rugged swords around. Most of these swords include a scabbard so you can wear your sword proudly and know that the sword on your hip is more than a wall hanger.

Whether you’re in the market for something simple to spar with like our wooden practice sword or a higher end model sword, we’ve got what you need.