Spring Sale 2017 at Historical Clothing Realm

Complete Costume Sets

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Historical Clothing Realm is your number one stop for complete costume sets. We offer many varieties in the Medieval time period such as Hospitaller Knight and "300" costume sets. Our Roman Centurion and Roman Soldier costume sets are historically correct, and offer the wearer the thrill of the time period. These sets make for a quick choice in a full costume, without having to shop around for each piece.

We also specialize in Star Wars genre with such sets as Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker. All are authentic to the movie. Several different types of ensembles are offered, and each provides that classic Star Wars appeal.

Whether it's a costume party, or a theatrical production you are seeking clothing for, our costume sets will impress. High quality and authenticity is our goal. The choice is yours, so enjoy a little bit of history as you are taken into the Historical Clothing Realm.