Thracian Helmet

Thracian Helmet
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    It is often wondered why gladiators were grated such handsome helmets. They walked into an arena, knowing they would likely be killed and segregated in their final minutes with no comfort, yet they were awarded trophy pieces to wear. It is not as if the battles were often fair, so the helmet was rarely a true source of protection. Why dress them for the public as if they hadnŐt lived like slaves and trained under harsh conditions?

    Our Thracian Helmet has been thoughtfully hand-crafted, worthy of a place in the Roman Colosseum. Made from 18-gauge EN45 steel, it features a metal plume and interesting eye protection nets made of brass. This helmet is fully wearable and ideal for reenactment or costume. Of course, it looks just as spectacular put on display on one of our helmet stands.

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